From Liberace…

Mary and I should not be allowed to sit next to each other at Mass. Because there is usually too much to laugh over, and then it just gets inappropriate.

So, book update! I still think I would be totally okay just using my own Bible in replacement of the NSRV one. I’d probably have to work harder at finding citations, but I could probably figure it out. Not really an issue, though, because Mary I had a stroke of genius and did a library search for all of my books. And guess what? SEVEN of them are available from my local library. I am thrilled. It will be kind of complicated, because sometime in November I’ll have to return everything and check it out again, but it has the potential to save me HUNDREDS of dollars. Half of me is like, “Well, but what if someone else orders them? THEN WHAT STUPID PERSON?” And half of me is like, “Shut up, now we don’t have to take up stripping.”

Guess which half is winning?

This means I may actually be able to pay cash for everything and not have to max out my credit line, which would be amazing because I kind of totally have to do that next semester after the lovely familial gifts run out. But I’m not going to think about that! Not ever! *grins wildlly in denial*


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