In which I live up to my family name…

…and royally freak out.

Doesn’t happen often. But when it does, you can bet your ass it will have something to do with school. Because the normally rational me completely goes BATSHIT CRAZY whenever you mix academics and any amount of stress (and, um, I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve become an incredibly devout alcoholic, which is not entirely normal behavior). This could explain why when I think about taking the doctoral preliminary exams, I break out in a cold sweat and want to dry heave because WHAT IF I FAIL? THEN WHAT? BECAUSE I CAN ONLY RETAKE IT ONCE AND IF I DON’T HAVE A DOCTORATE MY CAREER PROSPECTS WILL BE EVEN WORSE THAN DISMAL AND NO ONE WILL LOVE ME AND I CANNOT WORK RETAIL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IS THAT WHITE ZINFANDEL????

Just a little bit.

Headed down to UnWed Mothers today to buy books and get UPasses and walk Imladris around and generally take care of pre-school stuff. Bought about half of my books. They were inexpensive and depending on how much of a personality change the professor has undergone over the summer, I may be able to return one or two of them. Happiness. Got my bus pass, and took Colleen around to find her rooms. Yay.

Then I picked up a bus schedule.

And proceeded to freak right out.

THEY CHANGED MY ROUTE. The beautiful little schedule that I have had the ENTIRE time I’ve been at UWM, a schedule I could recite in my sleep, one I depend on and can even figure out when they’re going to be late. IS GONE.

They’ve added a stop at MATC North and changed the times and now I’m very confused and have to wait around until after two every day to be picked up and on Monday and Wednesdays I only have eight minutes and what if they’re running late? Believe me, I’ve tried to get from Mequon to Brown Deer during rush hour and IT CANNOT BE DONE IN A TIMELY FASHION I WILL HAVE TO DROP OUT *WOE*.

Then I calmed down and actually read the route on the back and discovered that the route avoids the freeway, so it shouldn’t be late. So perhaps the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth was slightly uncalled for. And I actually get to leave later in the mornings for a few days. So, um. Yeah.

I’m still confused and it will take a little while to memorize the new times, but I’m back to my calm, cool, collected (shut up) self.

I know you’re all thrilled.

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