I feel old.

I helped my sister move into the dorms today, or rather I sat in the lobby because eleventy jillion people in a teensy weensy little suite? Maybe not so much fun and also may spook the roommate.

And while I was sitting in the lobby watching the masses of heavily eyelinered, skinny jeans-wearing, slouchy incoming freshmen, I noticed several boys wearing the same (heinous) outfit.

Apparently, it’s considered attractive for young men to wear sleeveless t-shirts with the sides cut out. Like, really, gone. There was just a band around the waist. I saw like sixteen different boys wearing a shirt like this, and it absolutely astounded me.

I have never seen it before. I have missed and ENTIRE trend. I am only 20, and these kids today are completely not even consulting me long enough to mock, for heaven’s sake. (Much like I did with the boys-wearing-girls pants trend. Grow up, Pete Wentz. You’re going to be a father.)

So now I’m old. *sigh*

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