More embarrassing revelations.

The Sound of Music is on ABC Family RIGHT NOW and I am ridiculously excited. It’s the part where the kids go storm the convent and are all “ZOMG YOU MUST LET US TALK TO MARIA DADDY HAS A NEW WHORE AND DOESN’T LOVE US ANYMORE!!!” and the nuns are, “Um, I think not. She’s praying or something…” and the little one’s like, “Bitch, look at my boo-boo.” And the nun’s like, “Oh, God, there is a REASON I have a vocation. This womb wasn’t made for nurturing, Lord.”

I love that movie.

Anyhoodles, you know Hamlet 2? Which is supposed to be hilarious and offensive and hilarious again? Yeah. I must see it. First of all, I am a whore for a fun kicky musical story. And I find the idea of Hamlet 2 hilarious. Also, I had the sneaking suspicion that at some point I adored Steve Coogan, even I couldn’t remember when or why. So I searched him on IMDB, and DUDE HE WAS COUNT MERCY IN MARIE ANTOINETTE.

This is the embarrassing revelation. Not the fact that I freaking adored Marie Antoinette and even bought the DVD, which is embarrassing in and of itself, but that during the initial theater viewing of said movie (Yes, I paid to see it. On opening weekend. *shame* THERE WERE LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE IN THE THEATER I AM NOT THAT WEIRD.), I totally kind of thought Mercy was hot. Like, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have wanted to talk about how my husband found having sex with me a physical impossibility around him.

At the time I thought it was just because I kind of find the idea of the historical Count Mercy adorable, you know, how she kept him around way longer than she needed to because she was lonely, kind of like when you find sixteen reasons to call your mom when you’re lonely. And he was all like, “Oh, it’s okay. You’ll get to have sex eventually. I mean, you can only miss so many times, right? Right? Please say right. I really want to go back to Austria and NOT DIE BY THIS NEWFANGLED GUILLOTINE. I signed up for driving a 14-year-old across the border. I DID NOT WANT THIS. *ahem* Love ya, hon.”

Now I’m pretty sure it’s just because I adore Steve Coogan.

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