Viewing Choices

Tonight, we have:

1.) The Locator on WE. A ridiculously melodramatic guy finds adopted children, long-lost siblings, deadbeat dads, etc. Then everybody has a good cry. I have decided that if I every give a baby up for adoption, I would like this guy to come find it for me. And then we’ll all have a good cry.

2.) CSI on VH1. Why? CSI isn’t on VH1. Why is it on tonight? This confuses me. Then I get mad when I think about William Petersen leaving becaue I love him so much, zomg.

3.) Pride and Prejudice on Oxygen. The 2005 version. With the strangely boobless Keira Knightly. This is the only thing about Keira Knightly that makes me feel good about myself. I have an abundance of boobs. (Mom: No, you just have the normal two, sweetie.) Also? I heart Mr. Collins.

4.) Steve Carell hosting and old SNL on E!. And we have a winner!

Emmys tomorrow night. *squee*


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