I may not be *driving* all night…

…but I will be at the Celine Dion concert tonight!!!

(Gosh, how many more Celine Dion puns do you think I can come up with? The Power of Celine? That’s the Way Celine is? I won’t be seeing this “Alone”? I’m “taking a chance” that we’ll find parking? I’ll keep my eyes on Celine? I could go on…much like my heart…okay. I seriously need to stop.)

I’m not a little bit peeved that I have to miss How I Met Your Mother, but I’m so happy to see my favorite French-Canadian schmaltzy pop ballad singer IN PERSON. Almost as thrilled as I was to see Cher in person.

I begin to suspect that I am actually a drag queen. Huh. It would explain the fascination with eyeshadow.


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