For once, I’m not loving the history part.

I normally love the history part of everything. No matter what class, I like figuring out what was going on at the time and how the influenced things. Unfortunately, I’m taking a history of constitutional law class. In this case, I much prefer the law part to the history. But hey, whatever.

So today I go bounding into class because we are scheduled to watch a video. Frankly, we do not watch enough videos in 400-level history classes. I am thrilled. I find a seat in the back row, towards the corner, perfect for some inconspicuous reading if the video should get slow (and let’s face it, chances are it will), and settle in. This will be a lovely, low-impact 75 minutes.

The professor fiddles around with the VCR for awhile, and then writes the name of the video on the board. “Huh, I think to myself. “Simple Justice”? That sounds familiar. Kind of. Eh. Maybe I just saw it on the syllabus or something.”

Then she starts the show. And the credits look…well, I think I’ve seen them before. This is weird, as I don’t spend a lot of time watching PBS docudramas on Brown v. Board of Education. Then I realize that I’ve seen the ENTIRE thing before. It was required for my ’60s class last year, but it was too long to watch in class, so she put it on hold in the library and we had to go beat off other members of the class and then watch it there. So I spent two and a half hours in a carrel in the AV viewing room (which is a bitch to find, let me tell you) one afternoon last year watching this whole damn thing and now I have to watch it again?

I figured I could at least read during it. No such luck. The professor sat down right next to me. Ugh. It was such a bummer. Except that Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air played Charles Howard. And when he came on the entire class went “Uncle Phil!!” It was amusing.

I feel this may get old by the second half on Monday, though.


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