As though UWM didn’t screw me enough ways.

They came up with a new one!!! One that took away my debit card! And caused me to freak out a little bit and drive all the way to frickin’ Cedarburg!

So a friend of mine was actually taken advantage of and had her debit card stolen and yada yada yada. She called me and was all um, yeah, you should totally check this out in case yours was taken too. I freak out a little, log onto my account, and OMG THERE ARE TOTALLY A BILLION CHARGES FROM THIS WEEKEND WHEN I WAS NOWHERE NEAR UWM. *hyperventilate*

My mom I called Erica at the little hotline and she said yeah, this totally looked like someone stole the numbers. So I cancelled the card, won’t have a new one for like two weeks, and then hop in my car and hurry over to my nearest bank to fill out this affidavit pronto because I have to find time tomorrow in between studying for Ireland, studying for Cold War, studying for African art, and oh, yeah, PAINTING, to go to the UWM police and report that there was totally a STUPID PERSON who TOTALLY TOOK MY CARD NUMBERS *WOE*.

And then my little personal banker person was like, “Well, the university holds all their charges and only posts them once a month. So these could all be from the last month. That may be your problem.”

WHAT THE HELL UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN? You are dealing with hundreds of thousands of moronic young adults! Young adults who have never had to balance an actual checkbook and have been raised on digital statements. When I put something on my debit card, I expect it to show up within a few days. I do check my statement regularly, and I always know about how much I have in my account, but let me tell you, I usually do not plan on a month’s worth of food being withdrawn on a single day.

So now I have no debit card for no reason, and I’ve discovered that I spend entirely too much money on muffins. From now on we’re skipping the coffee.

Gah. Stupid people. Ten more years and I’ll be finished with you.


Meanwhile, I got a lot of work done at Grandpa’s. While I was not paying attention in art history (Blah blah Afro-Portuguese, used ivory, evil conquistadors, blah blah, I got it, okay?) I made a weekly plan (lacking last week, seriously impacted my productivity), and totally got everything done on the Monday thing today. Whoo-hoo.

Also? I went to Mass this morning and the homilies, they have been speaking to me lately. Not in any terribly enlightening spiritual way, but rather in a wow, have you been reading my blog? kind of way. Because this one was about how you kind of should get rid of stuff that you don’t use anymore and it’s not fun if it accumulates if you live in a house a long time.

Um. Yeah. I know.

The real sin isn’t not helping people by giving them stuff that they could use that you aren’t, but rather that WHEN YOU DIE YOUR PROGENY IS GOING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH EVERYTHING. And then paint it an appropriate color.


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