Helpful Tidbits of Information from "The New Information Please! Almanac, 1949 Edition".

I ran out of paint and had no choice but to go through books. From when there were only 48 states. I also have a sheaf of pictures of the atomic bomb destruction that references the Manhattan Project on the cover with my grandfather’s name. And I am really trying hard to remember that that’s what we had to do, but wow, that’s a hospital that was just destroyed.


There are no Muslims or Islamic people in North America. There are, however, 1,400 Mohammedan people. Also, 50,000 Primates. I don’t know what that means.

The English Civil War began in 1946. Huh. Because I could have sworn that it began in 1642.

There were no individual Olympic medals awarding in women’s gymnastics, but six in mens. Boooring.

There was something called “Lawn Tennis”, which requires six pages and apparently is regular tennis but way gayer.

The term “cold war” was still placed in quotes and not a proper noun yet.

The Berlin Airlift was going on, and therefore the only part mentioned was the part where Stalin locks down Berlin.

“The Security Council took stern action under Chapter VII of the Charter to stop the fighting in Palestine between Jews and Arabs.” Good work boys.

Ulster is apparently only the six counties in Northern Ireland.

Great Britain controlled the Gold Coast, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria.

All history prior to 4000 BC is “nebulous”, and the Egyptian civilization had it’s start during this period. We think.

In 1300 BC Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. For shizz.

Wisconsin had exactly 23 Japanese.

3,437 single children and 13 sets of twins were born to mothers between the ages of 10 and 14. NO I AM NOT KIDDING.

Senility kills approximately 10,027 a year. Who knew?

There are no legal grounds for divorce in South Carolina.

In Louisiana, a man can get remarried a year after his divorce, but a woman must wait 22 months.

In Utah, a shooting range is a legal method of execution.


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