Capitalism took a hit today.

I’m sitting in Hebrew Studies, pretending to study my Hebrew like a good little shiksa, and all of a sudden the professor begins whining about capitalism. And how this whole American experiment has totes failed and we seriously need to switch to socialism, which, in it’s pure form is totally awesome and yeah, communism didn’t work so well, but this! This will save us!!!

There are three Republicans in that class, and we all kind of huddle in the corner. And we all just looked at each other like, “what the…???”

Let’s ignore for a moment the fact that socialism will never be practically implemented for the simple reason that if it is practically implemented, it will never ever work. NEVER. Let’s instead focus on the fact that this is a Jewish civ class. And yeah, it may be a stereotype, but I’m fairly certain that the Jews? THEY LIKE CAPITALISM. A LOT.

Oh, and he was ostensibly talking about the transition from the period of the judges to the period of the kings, and how they threw off this whole broken system thing. Except the analogy totally breaks down because they were transitioning from a totally broken system to a not-much-better-and-oh-yeah-quite-possibly-completely-mythical system and the United States is…um…not.

Then I get home and Germ is keening in the corner because he has to talk about how Thoreau Emerson feels about 21st century capitalism in slightly more eloquent words than *headdesk*.

And wow, I almost hauled myself over to my local Democratic Party of Wisconsin headquarters and signed up to volunteer because MY GOD I will become socialist if it will make that assignment go away so I can turn the sound on for Chuck.

Yeah. The invisible hand? Was missing today.


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