It was a good day.

I aced a test and stole like seven spoons from the union so I didn’t have to go to Target. Score.

Oh! I read Celine Dion’s 291-page French Canadian wet dream autobiography! Holy awkwardness Batman, she never really left that whole teenager thing behind, did she?

Learn to handle your inappropriate crushes, is all I’m saying. We all have them. Part of being a big girl is dealing with them in an appropriate way. I usually just go “Haha, this is kind of funny. Moving on…” I do not usually convince myself that he is in love with me because he is talking to me/isn’t talking to me/is screwing his wife/isn’t screwing his wife/is French Canadian (I’m sorry. It’s funny.), and then attempt to jump him with my newly found “mature woman” smile.

No, I’m not kidding.

This, children, is a fantastic book and one that everyone should totally really like, right now.


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