New career goal.

So I just read this amazing book, The Reincarnationist. About a guy who is having flashbacks to the year 391, when Christianity was taking off in Rome mostly due to, you know, Theodosius killing everyone who refused to convert.

(This is the precise moment when my father will throw up his hands and bemoan my “indoctrinated” state somehow ignoring the fact that I am a damn good Catholic and even go to morning Mass occasionally and yes, I think you can do that and also find some moral quandaries in the Crusades, but NO! I am just a brainwashed product of the public education system. Even though I spent precisely six months in public education and the rest of the time at the freaking dining room table so if it’s anyone’s fault it’s your wife’s, Dad.)

Anyhoodles, he thinks he’s been reincarnated, and has to save his 391-girlfriend from dying (she was a vestal virgin, which they apparently take seriously and buried her when discovered that she was more vestal than virgin- oh snap) or a bunch of people in the current period will be killed. Or something. It’s very complicated. There are stones, and art pieces, and a guy named Malachai.

Disclaimer: I don’t believe in reincarnation. At all. Totally not. So Mom, calm down, I’m not going to hell. Even though I think the Crusades may have been a slight overreaction to Muslims capturing territory in Anatolia.

ANYWAY. The main girl character is a ridiculously young archaeologist (excuse me, did you start your dissertation in high school?) who discovers this tomb that redefines history and the time/space continuum and yeah, that’s what I want to do now.

What? It’s slightly more plausible than Queen of England.


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