Various and Sundry Items:

Because I am entirely too exhausted for punctuation or, like, sentences or something crazy like that.

-I’m very exhausted.

-I would like to advertise for anyone who wants to drive my brother to school on Wednesday. It is my first day off in like ALL SEMESTER LONG (That’s not true. But it’s been awhile.) and I really want to sleep in and yeah, I don’t care if you’re a pedophile, Criminal-Minds-type-unsub, or wielding a hatchet. Just have him there by 8:20 and we’ll be good.


-Apparently, I know someone who commits insurance fraud. Huh.

-PBS is currently showing the documentary “The Rape of Europa”, based on a book that I got for Christmas last year and love quite possibly more than my parents. Nazis? Paintings? Nazis and paintings? I am there.

-My page-a-day calendar is a painting of St. Catherine of Alexandria. I think it was a misprint, because her feast day is tomorrow, and that seems too close to be just like, oh, we’re going to put this painting here…Tomorrow, you’ll get a post about St. Catherine of Alexandria and my long quest for a patron saint and WHY IS THERE NO PATRON SAINT OF HISTORIANS I AM NOT AN ARCHAEOLOGIST. *ahem* That is forthcoming.

-I am going to bed. Good night.


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