Back Home Again

Well, my mom’s camera arrived before we left. So there are now hundreds of unflattering pictures saved securely on our harddrive. Oh, the joy. My own pictures will be staying in my camera until further notice, because I am a teensy bit exhausted and going to bed now.

I am, however, totally skipping art history tomorrow. Two weeks ago, I had a reason. Holy day! Of obligation! So clearly I should go to Mass! And not a boring lecture! But Mass is later, and even if it’s Newbie, who I’m pretty sure leaves out major parts in his effort to finish quickly, still wouldn’t be enough time to get to art history.

Except now I’ve decided that I don’t really want to go to Mass in the morning all alone, so I’m going at night with the fam. As in, ten hours after art history. But I was so gung ho on skipping that I’m going to anyway and just sit at Starbucks. Which is almost a religous experience. Close.


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