I should be ordained.

No, I’m not making a political statement for women priests, because frankly the idea squicks me out something fierce. Rather just that I totally read a book this weekend that had exactly the same argument that the priest was making during the homily, and as I was reading it I was thinking, “Hmm. This would make sense for the Immaculate Conception.”

(Except the Eva/Ave thing. It’s two different languages. Separated by thousands of years, and Luke was written in Greek originally, not Latin. It’s kind of cute, but meh. Don’t buy it.)

It was basically the whole Eve/Mary parallel about free will and disobeying or submitting to God’s will. Mine was in a history book, and it had rather a misogynistic twist because the early Church fathers preached it as the disobedience of the virgin bringing sin into the world and then God using an obedient virgin to bring salvation.

Yeah. I didn’t really have a point for this story, except that it contributed to this weird out-of-body experience during Mass like, “Wait? Are we talking about Pelikan’s Mary Through the Centuries?”


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