The perils of watching TMJ4 when you want *actual* news.

I tend to not watch or believe the weather reports. This is due to a myriad of factors such as stay awake until 10:17, are you crazy? I’ve been asleep for like an hour by then!, the news makes me feel like an old person, and this whole thing. I’ve developed this kind of, meh, whatever attitude towards winter driving, too. Just go slowly and leave a ton of extra time and you’ll be fine. Seriously. Chill out.

But apparently things are supposed to be bad tomorrow morning, when I was supposed to be driving to Grandpa’s. So I’m thinking that maybe, as I don’t have anything terribly important like final to get to, tomorrow will be a celebratory winter-break-is-here snow day and I’ll sleep in and bake Christmas cookies instead. That sounds like a much safer plan. Unless, of course, I wake up and it’s clear and then FINE, God clearly wants me to go paint the damn woodwork and the chocolate cheesecake cookies will have to be dealt with some other day.

A few things-

I only have three semesters left of undergrad! I’m equal parts insanely happy, insanely sad, and insanely freaked out because skills! I have none! Please to have job skills!?!? Mostly the sad right now though. I get very nostalgic at the end of the semester, even when the professors do the rote, “You guys have been great and I’ve really had a good time teaching this class,” I always want to go, “Awww! I love you too!!!”

Big sexy whooping crane. Ahaha.

Bill Pullman circa whatever-year-Independence-Day-was-released is kind of hot. I’ve always loved Bill Pullman, ever since I saw While You Were Sleeping and wondered why it took Sandra Bullock so long to hook up with the brother who not only had complete control of all of his faculties but was also significantly more attractive than Peter Gallagher and his eyebrows that could take over the world.

But I digress.

I’d vote for him for President.


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