Ask me how I tolerate stupid questions.

Today, at work.

Morena (cheerfully): Hello. How can I help you?

Mean Cut-Offy Old Guy: Yeah, yeah. Where’s Dan?

Morena: Um…he’s not here toda…

Mean Cut-Offy Old Guy: Ugh. When will he be in next?

Morena: I don’t know, Monday? I don’t have his sched…

Mean Cut-Offy Old Guy: Fine. Just give me his phone number.

Morena: I don’t know his phone number. (I emphatically do not know his phone number. *shivers*)

Mean Cut-Offy Old Guy: Well, you just don’t know anything do you?

Morena: I know I’m not being paid enough for this.

Reason #683 why I need to get out of retail. NOW.


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