Blind leading the blind.

I subbed for someone at work today, which isn’t a huge deal. Except for the fact that it was the woman who normally does most of the merchandising. And it’s Tuesday. Release day for everything. No one who was working, including the general manager, could figure out the directions, and yeah, let’s just say that if you wanted a new release today you were pretty much pointed to a cart and told, “Um, I think it’s probably on there, maybe, I don’t know. Would you rather read something by Oprah? I know where those are!”

At one point things got so bad that we had to fill in a fiction table with the new Ann Coulter, which actually could be construed as fiction at times. I mean, I’m a Republican and I find her a little bit much.

Also, every weird person seemed to be out shopping today. Like the woman who wanted me to tell her if some doll clothes would fit this other doll. I’m sorry. I don’t have children. Nor do I care. Please leave me alone. And the woman I barely know who stood at my table and talked to me for my entire break. By noon Aaron came up to me and said, “I am so glad you are here today, because I am so amused watching you have to deal with this people.”

I’m glad I can entertain.


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