This is just awkward.

Okay, the BFCA is honoring Richard Gere with a lifetime achievement award. Everyone can take a bathroom/snack/Bloody Mary break (guess which one I am doing) while he rambles on about Tibet and how the current administration is stifling him and whatever it is that he took in the limo on the way over. Because something is not right there.

Yeah. So before I settled in for a night of vodka and movies (Why is Doubt winning NOTHING. I freaking loved Doubt.), I had an flash of academic brilliance. Not a flash that actually helped me, like remembering what “calumny” means or realizing why knowing what “calumny” means would make me a better graduate student than otherwise, but I digress.

No, I need a thesis topic by the end of the semester. Or rather, before, because I have to find an advisor by the end of the semester. This poses a slight problem as there are very few areas of history that really interest me, and there is only one professor who has anything to do with Ireland and he’s not tenured so I can’t use him. Whatever, dude. I know you’re busy with your kids and all, but would it kill you to publish once in awhile??? I need an advisor here!

Anyway, I figured I had it narrowed down to something about Church history, because that would work well with history and also could look good attached to an application for a theology program. At least, it would look better than a withering critique of the Crusades and why Innocent III maybe was not a fantastic successor to St. Peter. I think. Maybe. And then my father would have to disown me.

But then today I was reading Christopher Bellitto’s book about general councils, and after squeeing a little bit because I want to be Christopher Bellitto’s friend and travel to Rome with him, I thought – Nicaea! Yes. I think I may write about Nicaea (First really, but second, is pretty cool too. First gave us, well, the Church as we know it, and the second brought back icons, a boon to us art history folk.)

So there we go. Another possible topic. You all clearly needed to know this.

ETA: Okay, can I just say that I love Viola Davis after her acceptance speech for Meryl Streep? And also want to be her friend? And if she wants to come to Rome with Dr. Bellitto and me, she’s more than welcome?


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