I used to walk ten miles to school in the snow.

Well. No. I didn’t. In fact, after I ran screaming from my Catholic school cocoon in third grade (by the way, Mrs. Stahl was distributing Communion yesterday and I believe I saw a hint of “Oh my God, it’s you” in her eyes.), I barely walked down the stairs to school. By the time I went back, albeit to a Lutheran cocoon this time- much the same cocoon but lacking any Marian devotion or the Real Presence or-horrors- alcohol, I had a driver’s license. But still. I don’t recall there ever being a cold day. There was a cold day today. And there will be another one tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this. I’m still on break, but The Artist Formerly Known as the Boy is in school at some ungodly hour like seven thirty, and I have to drive him. So I am all for random days off.

But cold days? Really? It’s Wisconsin. And it’s only a little bit below zero. I mean, yeah, it’s freaking cold and I could barely feel my nose by the time I got back from the mailbox, but really? I understand that you’re trying to protect kids who may be stranded outside, and for a school system such as MPS or even a school in an area where many kids walk that makes sense.

But I am fairly certain that here in Ozaukee County, simultaneously the most affluent and rugged of all the counties in the state, we could figure out how to get our kids to school without frostbite. 90% of them can be dropped off at the door and only have to brave the wind from the heated seat of the Lexus to the front door twelve feet away (it’s a very small school), and the other 10% were probably out wrangling some farm animal earlier in the morning and probably think this is nothing.

I mean, honestly.


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