Typical Saturday Night at Chez Morena

John: I’m probably a little bit hard on myself.

Me: *snorts*

Mom: No, really? You all are like that. You’re crazy. And your father and I never pushed you guys into ANYTHING. We’ve been nothing but supportive. You *pointing at me* couldn’t talk and we thought you were brilliant! But no, John’s horrible at guitar, Colleen’s horrible at everything, and if Kathleen doesn’t get an A she’s worthless.

Me: No, we do this all to ourselves. We know that.

Dad: What are we talking about?

Mom: How psychotic the children are.

Dad: Ah, yes.

Mom: I mean God knows we never pushed you into sports!

Everyone: *laughs*

Dad: Thank God you guys never got into soccer. I did not want to go to all those games.


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