The issues with Nazim continue to multiply.

I’d like a lab report grade please. I am not exactly sure of my chemistry prowess and I am .002% away from losing my honors bracket and I DID NOT WORK THIS HARD FOR MAGNA CUM LAUDE DAMN IT. So I’d like a grade.


Sorry. I get a little crazy about the whole chemistry thing.

Just chemistry, you ask? Oh, well, of course not. In fact, I’m having some issues in Cuban history too, would you like to hear about them?

I thought so.

1.) It’s Cuban history.
2.) I hate Cuban history.
3.) I refuse to believe that Castro is really a warm fuzzy human being.
4.) No tests. Just papers.
5.) Papers are only worth half the grade, the other is this weird ambiguous “participation”.
6.) The professor refuses to define a.) what participation is, b.) how much is required, and c.) how much this will actually count towards the grade.
7.) There’s a paper due next week.
8.) I have to write a cohesive analytical essay about all four incredibly disparate sources.
9.) The thesis must read “This paper argues that…” I’m sorry. Are we in the fourth grade?
10.) She speaks way too slowly and doesn’t even pretend to bs an answer to questions. That greatly annoys me.

Oh Lord. If I don’t do well on the paper I’m dropping the class. I can put up with anything for an A (See last semester, when I was lectured on socialism twice a week by a rabbi who seemed to find my drivel appealing and spewed praise all over my papers, aka Hebrew Studies 249.), but there is no way in hell I am losing summa cum laude for this.


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