Although laundry is incredibly fun.

I decided last week that I needed a hobby. I have plenty going on. I’m in school all day, my house is just one big chore, I work on the weekends, and well, today I learned that ripping up carpet can be devastatingly painful, tearful, and yet oddly satisfying. In theory I spend time studying for the GRE. But I felt like I needed a hobby. The high point in one’s week should not be when the laundry is completely finished (for the next five minutes).

So I had to come up with a hobby. (Other than having meltdowns about the future.) Hmm. This was tricky.

For awhile I was into pottery, and when we almost bought the ex-priest and ex-nun’s loveshack I was even going to have my very own little outbuilding expressly for my work! Yes, because a nine-year-old would be producing so much ware it needed it’s own space. Whatever, my parents loved me.

Then I was into knitting. But I am already way too close to a crazy cat lady (except I don’t like cats and I’m the normal one in the family, so really I’m just the only 21-year-old around worried about decreasing fertility), so that won’t work.

Then it came to me! Horseback riding! I love horseback riding. And I even have a horse! One that stares at me whenever I leave the house, with an air of judgement like, “Oh, yeah, remember me? From when you actually had hopes and dreams that weren’t centered on primary sources?”

I had been thinking about it anyway. I mean, I do pilates every day. For what? So I can sit up straighter while Facebook stalking? That’s pretty dumb. And while I was trying to do the stretches it occurred to me that the years of high heels have completely screwed with my legs (And my back. And my feet. And my self-esteem.), because they’re so tight when I have to stretch out the back of my legs. After years of “heels down!” I used to have amazing back-of-my-legs stretchability. Now I just know how to run in five-inch spikes.

So I went riding today. And it was wonderful and even though we only walked because it’s ridiculously wet here, I had so much fun.

Except that I also discovered that my horse has put on a little weight since the last time I used the tack, and the girth didn’t close. Whatever, I always preferred bareback (although it did nothing for my legs, except get them covered in hair). Please excuse me while I google, “cheap English girths”, because while I may want more in my life, the new path I chose for my life that involves graduate school for years and years? Isn’t cheap, baby.


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