I’ll send pictures to everyone.

I was watching QVC with my mom today because it was all Irish stuff and if there is anything that my mom loves more than an Irish tchotcke, it’s an Irish tchotcke that can be purchased from the convenience of one’s living room, but whatever, who am I to judge? I have an initial pendant based off the lettering from the Book of Kells coming. I’m thrilled.

Anyway, the guy who owns the only operating Connemara marble quarry is there, and this year (oh yes, we watch every year) he brought his son. His adorable, accented, non-wedding-ring-wearing son.

So I have decided to marry into the Walsh family. We shall have a destination wedding and my adorable children will call me “Mam”. Of course, this means that you all won’t be able to come to my wedding. But let’s be honest, you probably weren’t going to be invited anyway.

Only because I dislike people. I mean, my fiance will be lucky if I let him bring his parents.


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