I definitely need to marry well.

Thoughts that I had this morning:

“Hmm. The gas guage is on empty. This is weird. Is it really empty, or just the normaly bopping around empty?”

“Probably bopping around empty. I’ll be fine.”

“That’s really stupid. You should stop and get gas.”

“Where is there even a gas station around here?”

“Oh. Right there. And it’s even a Citgo. God knows the parentals like their brand loyalty. Screw the whole Venezualen oil company thing.”

“Wait, is it closed? It says “For Lease”. But there are little numbers on the pumps. Hmm. Oh, credit card sales only. I have a credit card! Not mine, but still.”

“Hmm. This is kind of a scary abandoned ghost-towny type place.”

“That’s stupid. You’re on Port Washington Road in Mequon, for heaven’s sakes.”

“But why are there no cars? Just scary shadows?”

“Someone could strangle me with my pretty scarf.”

“I’ll only do ten dollars. That should be enough. $9.60. $9.85. $9.98. $10.03. Dammit.”

“Yes, I want a receipt.”

“Why aren’t you giving me a receipt?”

“Why are you beeping?”

“I can’t see the attendant! The damn building is for lease!”


“You know what, I’m leaving now.”

“There is a reason I don’t do this often.”

“Eww. Now my hands smell.”


Meanwhile, I now know when and where my favorite professor’s firstborn was conceived. And now I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend most of Tuesday focusing not on the push for Home Rule and but him having sex in Ireland. Which is just weird.


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