C’mere once.

Apparently? The Bachelor 174 hooked up with some chick from Milwaukee? After dumping another woman? I don’t know. This is like the one bottom-feeder show that I don’t watch, so yeah, I’ve got nothing. I mean, that show that Monica Lewinsky hosted? I was there. I was salivating at the thought of marital discord on Jon & Kate Plus 8 last Monday. But The Bachelor? Meh. Don’t care.

Except. Except this. I’ve lived in Milwaukee my entire twenty-one years, and I have never, NEVER, heard anyone say “grilling out”.

You may be having a cook-out. You may be grilling. We do both of these things. A lot. But no one “grills out”. In fact, I don’t think you would even say “cooking out”. It just doesn’t work as a verb.

I know we talk funny, okay. I have spent hours trying to get rid of the talking funny part. I don’t need your help with the stereotype, Bachelor Dude.

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