I need to move.

Re: Yesterday. Apparently, grilling out is an acceptable verb. Both on a technicality, as both Sarah and Hannah pointed out, in that any and all grilling should, in fact, be done “out” because otherwise the chance for explosion increases exponentially, as well as a normal thing like tailgating.

This is another thing I must admit I’m not terribly familiar with. I have a distaste for anything that involves grown men being paid more money than my poor little over educated brain will ever see in my lifetime to throw a ball. I went to that stupid “Return to Titletown” thing twelve years ago, and while I know there was definite tailgating going on, I don’t recall much except nine-year-old me crying in anguish because it was probably warmer on the surface of Neptune than it was in Green Bay that day. And we all know how how I feel about baseball.

Whatever. I’ve never heard it.

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