My fourth son will be named "Widgery".

After James Chichester-Clark, Charles Pomeroy Stone, and Pliny Fisk.

They will be beaten so hard.

Oh, internets. I have spent the last three days immersed in tribunal reports, and criticisms of tribunal reports and eyewitness reports and grainy bootleg video footage of Bloody Sunday and I think it’s starting to affect my brain. This morning I was reading a theory that someone proposed that there were actually two groups shooting- the 1 Para group that everybody knows, but also a military presence at Derry’s Walls. There was never any mention of the second shooters (haha, conspiracy!) in the official tribunal or any other contemporary literature, but there is actually considerable agreement in some of the eyewitness statements, and the fact that three men were killed right next to each other, all with 45 degree downward trajectories makes it kind of attractive.

I got really excited and then I realized that I seriously needed to chill out and spent an hour watching grainy bootleg footage of Eleventh Hour instead.

After I wipe the drool off my keyboard, I need to get started on the fifty-page 1o-point font 1997 analysis of the original tribunal report. Thank you, Tony Blair. Without you commissioning this lovely report I would have nothing to do this Friday night! Thank God the current commission (oh yes, there’s even one going on now) has gotten a teensy bit behind and won’t release their report until 2010 at the earliest.

Just in time for thesis research!


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