Tantum Ergo

I freaking love Latin. And incense. And kneeling. You sit me at a Holy Thursday Mass? I am thrilled.

Except I mispronounce everything. I learned classical Latin at a Lutheran school, so all my v’s sound like w’s and my mouth is incapable of forming a soft c sound. Grrr. Dr. Wilmeth ruined me for the triduum.

Now I really want to go back to Latin. I kind of miss it- I loved it so much and I actually didn’t suck at it horribly (well, at least until participles.) I need to take either Latin or Greek (or Hebrew, but ha! We saw how Russian went.) for my theoretical theology degree, so maybe we’ll do Latin. Yep. Definitely.

Maybe at a Catholic university they’ll teach me to say the “v” sound.


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