For reals?

Dude. This blog is officially 1000 posts old. I know, right? 1000 posts of my inane drivel. I applaud those of you who are still reading. Also, thanks for sharing my mitochondrial DNA.

I feel as though I should have something massive to talk about because 1000 posts! That’s HUGE. But I don’t really. Instead, I’m going to talk about Facebook.

My account was closed for maintenance for a few hours this afternoon, and I could not log in. This disturbed me greatly. What if someone needed to get in touch with me? What if someone had put up fun pictures? What if I needed to “like” something???

I began thinking of status updates and feeling frustratingly impotent when I couldn’t put them up.

“Kathleen wonders why Facebook won’t let her on.”

“Kathleen hates Facebook.”

“Kathleen should be writing her paper.”

“Kathleen hates footnotes.”

“Kathleen wonders if she even exists if her Facebook page is down…”

It was a dark moment of the soul, readers.

There was a time that I actually talked to people.

It was a while ago.

Thankfully, I was allowed to log in late this afternoon. Whew. That was close. I almost resorted to Twitter because MY GOD WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF NO ONE KNOWS WHAT I’M THINKING RIGHT THIS SECOND!?!?!?

All is well now. There are even picture from the Easter Vigil on now. There was boxed wine. It was good.

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