Oh, shut up. I worked on my papers a little bit too.

I had a day off today (Stop snickering. It’s not my fault that there are no hours available at work.), and we didn’t even go to Grandaps (I think the Goof-Off fumes were still making us all sick). So after I got home from Mass at like ten (Newbie goes FAST), I had nothing of consequence to do.

Thank God for cable. USA was running a marathon of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Ooh. Settled in to watch that for a few hours. Ate lunch. Watched a few more hours. Sadly, it went off at five. *tear* But lo! Bravo had an evening marathon of Criminal Intent! I could get my Major Case Squad uninterrupted, y’all. And then! That most sacred of events, the season premiere was on at eight.

So. Today I’ve watched like eight hours of CI. This is a little embarrassing. But I have formed a few opinions.

I want to be friends with Eames. She is amazing, and I love her.

Goren’s mom is a whack job, but their scenes together make me want to cry.

I much prefer Goren/Eames to Chris Noth’s storyline.

I ship Goren/Eames like WHOA. By two o’clock this afternoon I was throwing small pillows at the screen and yelling, “SERIOUSLY MAKE OUT ALREADY!”

They never made out. It makes me a little bit sad.

I also prefer the new captain, whose name I’m forgetting. If only because he played Satan in a play that My Favorite Jesuit (which is saying something, because the Jesuits tend to bug me) and Colbert Report Chaplain Fr. James Martin wrote about in one of his books.

If your stepmom/brother/father/cousin is being evasive? Incest. Always incest.

Same goes for your real mom.

Oh, how I love this show.


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