Thoughts During an Extra Credit Chemistry Video

Ugh. It’s 7:00. I don’t want to be here. I’m missing HIMYM for this.

There is like no one else here. How big a dork am I for showing up?

15 points. I would do anything for 15 points. Perky little TA Sandra down there could say that her boyfriend was bugging her and needed somebody to take him out and I’d be like, “Do you provide the weapons?”

Ooh, video guy says “exquisite” like Alan Rickman. *swoon*

ACK! Video guy looks nothing like Alan Rickman.

15 points. Come on. Your GPA is so worth this.

And, okay, now there are…no, there can’t be…you can’t show that in an educational video…this isn’t cable…okay, yep, there is definite nudity there. Oh, ick.

Meh. 15 points.

Come on, you’re an actual female. It’s not like you’ve never seen boobs before. Granted, these are large, saggy, native-type boobs, but the general thought is the…okay. No. This is just wrong.

15 points. 15 points. 15 points.

I had better get summa cum laude for this, so help me God.

Video Guy: “Something prophetic about that mid-summer bonfire that I will attempt to conjure in the present.” Oh, good. I was worried this would be a dull night.

15 points. 15 points. 15 points.

Video Guy: “Cold, calculating, cantankerous, prim, precise, puritanical…” Did you just learn alliteration, Jim.

Lavoisier perished in the French Revolution, like a good chunk of the entire nation.

Seriously. You have to stop saying “climax”. It’s freaking me out.

15 points.

And…now they’re explaining atomic theory with those balls you use for lawn games.

You know, this would have been a hell of a lot more fun with Simon Schama.

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