Maybe independent study isn’t such a good idea.

Author’s Note: Channel 12 just advertised their news for tonight by saying, “Former Archbishop Rembert Weakland has a stunning announcement- he’s gay.” No. What? Knock me over with a feather. Did no one else get that from the whole hey, I had sex with this man and then paid him off a few years ago? Just me? Oh, how I love local news.

It’s exam week, and I didn’t have anything today. So I spent the entire day doing very important things like staring at the wall and stalking my liturgist on Facebook.

Things I Did Today:

1.) Went to Target.

2.) Discovered that I am so short that miniskirts are regular skirt length on me.

3.) Went for a walk.

4.) Spent awhile on Facebook.

5.) Read a few books (Silk Figures- awesome).

6.) Watched the Jeff Goldblum episodes of Criminal Intent.

7.) Decided I love Jeff Goldblum.

8.) Contemplated leaving my hair wet and curly because oh, God, so much work to straighten it.

9.) Realized I look something like a muppet with curly hair.

10.) Ate way too much of the cake that was left over from last night.

Things I Did Not Do Today.

1.) Study for chemistry.

2.) Study for art history

3.) Eat a reasonable amount of the cake that was left over from last night.

I suck. Exam week never instills responsibility in me.


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