It’s amazing what you pick up.

Saw Star Trek again this afternoon, and wow! It’s so much better when you’re not looking for a quiet place to throw up! I don’t know if it was the sick or the tired thing last time, but I understood like the actual plot this time- last time it was pretty much “zomg they’re so young Spock is hot Spock/Uhura que? zomg so gooood!!!”

(Yes. I am articulate when I’m tired.)

This time there was, like, time travel and stuff.

Also decided that I shall go see Angels and Demons again on Monday because Mary and I traditionally do a movie and the inaugural Memorial Day movie was even an Ewan McGregor flick and well, I cannot think of any better way to mark the day than by viewing totally damning hotness that Colleen was mocking earlier. Whatever. She doesn’t have to come. *sniff*


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