CHEM AND METHODS GRADES ARE STILL NOT UP ON PAWS AND I AM NOT AMUSED. God. UWM. I love you. I really do. I appreciate that I can afford (haha…kind of) to get an advanced degree at your campus, which is totally a much better academic institution than a lot of people give it credit for. I love Pacific Wraps. I love the Grind. I’m not okay with you only offering scholarships to AIDS babies from Asian and/or Aboriginal backgrounds whose parents did not attend anything other than a bush school but tell those of us who grew up in the North Shore and have parents with advanced post-graduate degrees to figure out some other way of paying for it I hear truck stops are relatively safe? but I’ll get over that. I AM NOT OKAY WITH YOU NOT POSTING MY GRADES FOR A WEEK AFTER FINALS.

After all, how will I be able to gauge my worth in the world if I don’t know how I did in Chemistry 106???

We’re beginning to watch Star Trek episodes, because that’s just the kind of nerdy family we are. This means that I shall generally embarrass myself by fangirling every member of the cast except Mr. Sulu because, well, I know now that he’s not interested.

This will be ultimately disappointing because, unlike my sister, I prefer new Mr. Spock to old Mr. Spock. In fact, if I were in a relationship with new Mr. Spock (and why the hell not, he is not, in fact, married to a Dixie Chick and really what else was stopping us?) I’d make him wear the ears and shave his eyebrows and possibly only dress in blue…


Me: Remember the Vulcan PMS episode? I’m going to figure out which one that is…
Colleen: Yeah, go to wikipedia and type in “Nurse Chapel”…
Entire Room: *erupt in laughter*
Me: Amok Time? Is that rig…
Mom: Yep. That’s it.

My hair is filthy. I should really wash it before work tomorrow. Meh. Too much work. There is Trek goodness to be viewed. Pigtails tomorrow, I guess.

Wow. This was disjointed. But I’m really focused on the television right now.


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