The 40-Year-Old Dependent.

Had a minor meltdown today. Just a teensy little one. When it appeared that there are no loans available for graduate school if you are listed as a dependent for tax purposes. And yes, I am. Because I’ve been busy PAYING TUITION FOR THREE YEARS and WORKING EIGHT HOURS A WEEK. OF COURSE I’M A FREAKING DEPENDENT I CAN’T AFFORD TARGET.

So I had a brief dark moment of the soul when I wondered exactly how old you can get while still being claimed by your parents. 21 is okay. 25 is a little weird. But I’m hoping- praying- that I’ll have Ph.D one of two by the time I’m 30. And while I probably still be living at home because I can’t really take my term papers to the grocery as legal tender, it’s even more pathetic to have the IRS think you’re pitiful.

Then I stress-ate like four cookies and got massively ill.

And realized that if you’re in graduate school, you automatically lose the dependent status, even if you technically still receive a substantial amount of support (like, say, all of it) from your parents. Fear not, I will be able to get a loan. Oh. That’s good.

Ugh. The emotional taxation of that little exercise was way too much to handle. I spent the rest of the day watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Because Goren and Eames do not care that I have no money.


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