Night at the Home of Old Vacation Memories

Went to see Night at the Museum 2 today, and it was quite lovely. Funny, stupid, Owen Wilson. Good times had by all.

Particularly those of us who have spent a ton of time at the Smithsonian museums, especially Air and Space, my mother’s most beloved of all museums despite the fact that walking in the door gives me hives.

(At least I have never ended up sobbing in the bathroom. That was the Wright Brothers’ Museum.)

(It was a bad day.)

The Wright boys make an appearance as well, which caused Mary to curl up into a little methods-induced ball and start freaking out about her paper grade and I got a little ill thinking about the abovementioned day…but other than that…

And the National Gallery of Art featured prominently as well, even though they changed the name to the “Washington Art Museum” for some reason. That made my little art history soul squee.

There were several…inconsistencies, however. (No, not the exhibits-coming-to-life inconsistency.) The gift shop at Air and Space is not in the main room, it’s kind of in the back and most of it is in the basement. And the National Gallery of Art is not a part of the Smithsonian museum system.

This is why it closes three hours earlier than everyone else and I end up with twenty minutes there at the end of the day but we had four hours to stare in contemplation at the first plane to fly in March of 1953 or something.
(I’m not bitter.)
So now I want to go on vacation.

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