They should put that on the brochure.

I have three major goals for this summer. I need to take the GRE, and I need to formulate a thesis topic, and I need to make $900 for my overload class.

I’m just ignoring the GRE thing completely because it makes me want to throw up when I think about it, so other than following the little study schedule in the book, I’m not thinking about it.

But what if I told you I could take care of the other two goals in a single stroke? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Yes. Yes it would.

Remember this? Haha. Yeah. See. I’m kind of sort of considering ditching the religious studies thing and doing Jewish studies instead. This announcement garnered absolutely not even a blink from my family, who continued making their nachos as though I hadn’t just announced a change in career paths.

(Well. Okay. It does happen weekly frequently.)

(It’s no excuse.)

I have a bunch of reasons for this. I’m totally into the whole second major thing, and even religious studies. But, ugh, it’s just a hassle. Seriously. 21 credits, a huge overload fine, a class I’m not guaranteed an A in, it’s just a pain in the ass. Jewish studies is significantly more contained, and I love all the classes, and I’ve heard that it’s pretty easy to meet the guidelines.

I also think it may be more beneficial to my career path to be specialized in an ancient monotheistic religion. Because I honestly don’t think that any theology department at a Catholic university is going to look at my transcript that said I got an A in African art history at a public university and say wow, that is a fantastic candidate right there! I think if they looked at my transcript that said I spent a lot of time studying the Hebrew culture and the Bible as well as contemporary sources? That might make me look better.

Also! It would save me $900! Which is a major selling point. In fact, I think it should be on the website- “declare a major in Jewish studies and save $900!” Who knows, maybe I’m pre-approved for a 0% APR credit card too!

Oh. The other issue- thesis topic. Yeah. See. I technically don’t have one yet. The only thing that remotely struck me was looking at Nostra Aetate and discussing the impact of Vatican II on the Jews because- and I am not even going to lie- I know that I can get a professor who absolutely loves me on the reading committee. I am so not above taking advantage. But this would actually fulfill the capstone for Jewish studies too, I think.

So. Now I’m very confused.

See? You thought all that major-changing business was over after freshman year, didn’t you? Haha. Double major, baby. The option for those of us who don’t handle stress well and want to see how we’d do with more of it.


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