Things I Learned Today

– I am the most fun person to see Angels and Demons with. I don’t know if it’s the…appreciation (I refuse to call it a fetish, as Colleen so helpfully suggested) or what, but I am a damn good time during that movie.

– I’m turning into a lightweight. Time was, I could finish a large concrete mixer and be all, “Mmm, that was tasty. Now. Can we get more?” But my goodness, half of mine is in the freezer now. I’m getting old.

– Apparently when my parents were young TV didn’t go through the night? And they would play the National Anthem and then it would go a test pattern every night? Huh. No idea. I’m torn between thinking this is adorably nostalgic or disturbingly nationalistic. I’m going with nostalgic.

– It is officially easier to get the Israelis and the Palestinians together than it is to coordinate Pizza Hut and Fiddleheads work schedules so we can all go to Old World Wisconsin. There is an approximately 4-hour window in mid-July, so Eagle here we come!

– Old World Wisconsin is friggin’ expensive.

– As is Polish Fest.

– And the Renaissance Faire.

– Maybe you pay more for the “e” on the end.

– There a ton of Star Trek flair on Facebook. All of them probably don’t need to be sent to my sister/mom/Mary. But they have been.


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