Drama, Drama, Drama

We watched Frost/Nixon tonight, and, well, Imladris called it a “liberal orgasm”. My mom had different words for it, but yeah, it pretty much was two hours of OMG NIXON CRAZY BASTARD and oh, wait, he might be getting dementia or possibly be an alcoholic we’re not sure so we’re just going to shove it in at the end of the movie.

I’m no Nixon fan, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve watched the actual Frost/Nixon interviews, and while he definitely admitted some wrongdoing, he certainly never admitted to obstruction of justice, and not a whole lot of other major bombshells were dropped. At no point did Kevin Bacon rush in to stop the tape before he admitted to criminal activity.

I would like to put forth the theory that, amongst all of the untruths, the one that said John Birt looked like Matthew McFayden is one of the most egregious.


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