He’s…really getting too old for this.

Harry Potter 6 tomorrow night, everybody! SO EXCITING. I just reread the book, and honestly? There’s a scene in it in which Snape runs.

And my first thought was, “Ooh, that’s…not going to be pretty.”


Why couldn’t they have started making these when A Rick was just a little bit younger.


In other news, my father just pushed a dirty dish towards me, as though it were my job to do his dishes for him. I informed him that this incident would be going on the internet and would survive in cyberspace for longer than he is alive.

Because NO ONE pushes dishes at me. Understood?

I understand that I’m the one who cleans the house. I’m the one who does the dishes that everybody just leaves in the sink. But your individual dirty dish? IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY.

Ah. That feels better.


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