Maybe he knows I voted for McCain.

Even though I haven’t actually changed majors yet, I decided to go ahead and drop my gnosticism class before the cut-off for, you know, being charged.

This means that:

1.) I don’t have to take a GNOSTICISM class.

2.) I only have one class on Mondays and Wednesdays, which will make the whole car situation a lot easier.

3.) I saved $900 of overload fees.

4.) I don’t have to head to the Illinois border and start stripping to come up with the $900 in overload fees.

5.) I won’t have the urge to scrawl “I’M PAYING $900 TO TAKE YOUR STUPID CLASS WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH???” on my exams for Jews in Wisconsin.

A pretty good deal.

According to PAWS, I owe $3853.15, of which financial aid (I use that term loosely- the money that the government is allowing me to use for a few months while they begin charging me exorbitant interest RIGHT NOW because God knows that this whole “Grandpa’s house” thing has been such a financial boon to us. Please, Federal Government. You obviously haven’t been reading this blog too long.) will cover $3731.26. So I only have to come up with about $120.

Which means I might be able to actually afford books! I know, right? Don’t get too crazy.


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