Once Upon A Time…

…so you may have noticed that the number of “what the frick this house is killing me” posts have decreased substantially. Now, the number of “what the frick the GRE is killing me” posts have increased exponentially. I know what you’re thinking- hey, the crazy is starting to make sense. But that’s not necessarily a correlation.

No, really, I’m just crazy about two different things.

The main reason is that we rented the house at the beginning of summer. I was so not cool with that. Really, really not. Those were MY countertops and MY house and ALL Y’ALLS NEED TO JUST STEP OFF. However, we ended up with the best family in the world. Independently wealthy, clean, short-term tenants. Dear God, I wanted them to be my new parents.

The last couple of months, gradually, I’ve gotten used to someone else being in that house. The (sometimes visceral) pain has kind of faded. I no longer freak out about certain things. Things are good.

But now they’re leaving. And we need to find someone else. And I don’t like this. AT ALL.

Again with the not sharing.

When one prospective renter asked what we were interested in, I really wanted to say, “Nice millionaires with adorable three-year-olds who need a babysitter? Is that you?”


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