I fail at being an adult.

Oh, internets. A week from tomorrow I’ll be heading back to school and I won’t have to work a whole lot and ah, yes, the world shall be right side up again. Because while I do enjoy that whole oh, hey! A paycheck actually gets deposited into your checking account thing, I don’t care how many reserves for The Lost Symbol we get. In fact, I think Dan Brown kind of sucks as a writer (!!!). My problems with The Da Vinci Code were less that I disagreed with the subject matter (which I did…but FICTION PEOPLE) and more the with dangling modifiers. I don’t know if it had an intriguing plot because I couldn’t figure out where the verbs were in most of the sentences.

Again, I’m not allowed to say this.

I’m also not allowed to say, “Oh, thank God you’re locking it in at 40% off. Because trust me, you do not want to pay more than $16.87 for this.”

But in a week! In a week I will be back in art history and history and Jewish studies and ZOMG SO HAPPY. *squee*

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