Does starting an online episode of Mad Men count as labor?

I think not. Party in a few hours. It’s been a good holiday.

Anyway, I was leaving Mass this morning when somebody said, “Kathleen!” I stopped, because this actually happens a lot. It’s usually someone I don’t actually know who goes on to say, “Oh! You’re John’s granddaughter! We miss him so much!” And I have to smile and go, “Yes. Thanks, yeah, we do too. Now, do you know how to paint a ceiling?”

But this time it was some guy who looked vaguely familiar. He shook my hand and said, “Do you know anything about Jewish history in Milwaukee?”

Turns out he’s one of the auditors in my Jewish Wisconsin class. Which made me feel kind of badly because I spent like an hour yesterday ranting about how if there is seating chart for that class the auditors are just going to mess it up and my God, man, there are only like three real students in the class and I know you can’t tell my sister and me apart but whatever, neither can our parents some days and THIS IS JUST NOT A GOOD IDEA THE OLD PEOPLE THEY WILL SCREW WITH IT.

I’m sure this guy is smart enough to not mess with the seating chart.

He did ask if I had taken any of his other courses, and I had to think of a better response than, “Um. Yeah. All of them.”

It’s true. But it tends to creep people out.


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