Good times.

I kind of love this semester. Tuesday and Thursday are long but full of fantastic classes full of awesome, and Monday and Wednesdays are ONE CLASS. And ART HISTORY CLASS. So I get to sleep in, spend most of the day at home, find free parking, and look at pictures of pretty churches for 75 minutes before returning home, usually before 4:30.

Now. If I could just figure out this whole thesis thing. My advisor is no help at all- he’s not entirely sure whether I’m an undergraduate or grad student half the time. I think there’s a form? I have to fill out? I don’t know. Tomorrow I’m (hopefully) switching my second major, so keep your fingers crossed for that. I’m really worried she’s going to tell me, “No, we don’t want your little shiksa butt. Please leave now.”

That’s ridiculous. But sometimes I am too.


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