I still love you, Taylor Swift.

Even if you don’t know how Romeo and Juliet ends.

I didn’t even see the whole Kanye thing, but after every single update on my homepage was about this, I had to google. Poor form, Kanye. Poor form.

Soo…birthday weekend over. I had a lovely time, did lots of fun things, and ate way too much. Um…if you want cake? We’ve got some?

Ooh, and I fixed my iPhone. Or, rather, the Genius Whose Name I’m Forgetting fixed it and it’s worked almost perfectly for an entire day which is WAY better than average. And he even replaced the screen that shattered for NO REASON while it was SITTING IN MY BAG overnight and didn’t even charge me for it even though it totally wasn’t covered by warranty even though it should have been because SERIOUSLY NO REASON.

Now it’s doing this weird thing where it skips? Like a CD? But not a whole lot, and whatever, I’m ignoring it for now.


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