I would like it to be Friday, please.

Not just because of the whole major life shit hitting the fan and hey, why can’t I ever get through a senior year of ANYTHING without major health issues? I don’t even want to think about what will happen if I go to grad school. But tests! Two on Tuesday and then one Thursday and I feel completely unprepared.

Except not. I actually feel quite prepared for the Tuesday ones. Which is also confusing, because then I think I’m getting overconfident and that’s not good and surely I’ll get the Moses test and completely blank on something ridiculous like the plagues (I rang them all of this morning, except for the seventh. Hail. Good to know.)

Jewish WI is…well, more difficult because there are more numbers and names and stuff. I do know that in 1850 the population of Wisconsin was 305,000 and in 1860 it was 7760 (2559 of whom were Jewish) and that Joseph Mann because mayor of Two Rivers in 1866, only because there are two “n’s” in his name, “Two” Rivers, and two “6’s” in the year.

Arab-Israeli? I’m about as screwed as the Israelis. Or the Arabs, for that matter. But we’ll worry about that at 12:15 on Tuesday, after I’ve finished mangling the life of Moses.


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