Don’t worry, I haven’t been kidnapped.

Regarding the last post- I do not have a 2.5 GPA. I have a 3.9 GPA. I meant to say “at least” like six times in there, but I was so mad at my stupid childish professors that I didn’t. And my mom read it and was all, “OMG PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK YOU’RE DUMB!”, so, rest assured, I’m not dumb. Just have very little going on.

Other than that…I worked yesterday. I know, right? Some kid asked me for a library card, and I really hope he was kidding or else his parents have seriously failed him.

My sister ripped the sleeve of my dress while trying it on(“Don’t worry! Mom says she can probably fix it!”) and then wanted to know if she could wear it to work. That made me laugh.

Finished the multiple papers that are due kind of soon, but I still need a topic of my huge Arab/Israeli conflict one. Any thoughts? Arabs? Israelis? Please, could we find a Christian that I can write about?


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