I don’t want to be an adult now.


Two and a half years ago, as a wee little freshman enthralled with all (and yes, I do mean all) of the aspects of History 204 I decided that yes! History! That would be my career path! It was perfect! Esoteric knowledge, not having to work continue in the journalism department that scared me half to death, and getting to drink in the afternoon because you’re an academic, so it’s totally cool. PERFECT. And, get this. I’d get to put off the real world for a few more years. No resumes, no job hunting. No drinking in the middle of the afternoon because you’re unemployed. PERFECT.

Except I have to apply for graduate school. And I didn’t really realize that this? Would pretty much be a job on it’s own. I had coffee this summer with a friend of mine who’s a professor and she told me not to underestimate how much work these applications take. I kind of scoffed into my mocha, like, yeah, I’m not applying to Yale. I don’t think the UWM application is going to be that difficult.

BUT IT IS. There are a ton of different things that you need and different deadlines and it’s expensive and the letters of recommendation- oh, my goodness, those letters of recommendation.

Because I’m not just applying to one graduate program (e.g., history.). Well, at some schools I am. But at some schools I’m applying to history and theology, which requires an entirely different statement of purpose an also different letters of recommendation. Two of the five schools I’m applying to require three letters, three require two. The two that I need distinct hey-she-likes-Jesus-too letters for are in both categories- one needs three, one needs two. So all three professors have to write two different letters. Which is annoying. And the forms.

There are forms. That are not online forms. (Except Northwestern. God bless Northwestern. I don’t even have to go pick up the letter from the professor- it’s all online.) Most are forms that I have to print out multiple copies, take them to offices all over the frickin’ campus, and have them sign/fill out.

Oh, so much work.

I think it’s to weed out the people who actually want to go to graduate school from those who are just really sick of their retail jobs.


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